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Changing The World One Walk At A Time.

I have loved going on strolls and walks with my son ever since he was born.  So much so, I have even dreamt of some of the fun conversations we will have and a certain game we will play.  The name of the game is, saving the world one walk at a time.  The concept of the game is to do just that.  I know I may be crazy, but who dreams bigger than little kids?  I also want to instill in him principles such as creative problem solving, group discussion, teamwork, imagination, community, and generosity.  I want to instill a hunger to do, to help, and to create.  I want him to have a spirit that doesn’t settle for the typical and easy.

And so… I want to play this game with him.  The rules to this game are pretty simple:

  1. Have a base assumption that everything is possible.
  2. Don’t dismiss ideas. Instead, encourage and ask questions about them.
  3. Make sure to leave with a better idea, not yours or theirs, but a better idea.
  4. Don’t just come up with strategy, but also why it would be good to solve the problem.
  5. Figure out who is needed to solve the problem.
  6. Take Action.

With rule number 6, you need to be mindful of what adding that to your plate will do.  You will have to quit some things.  To do this, you may just need to steal an idea from a fantastic gentleman named Bob Goff, who quits something every Thursday.  We need to be able to quit things, because unlike at Thanksgiving dinner, life isn’t as tasty, savory, or fun when you are tying to balance all things on one plate.  You need to create some room for the goodness that gives you life.
Again, all this is for my son, because I want him to be able to create, solve, dream, discuss, disagree, and be able to work well with others.  I don’t want him to be afraid of the unknown or unsolvable.

My question for you though is what world altering idea are you working through right now?

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