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The Folly of Fame

I find myself focusing on others a lot.  I know this makes me sound noble and generous, but in fact, it’s just the opposite.  I find myself focusing on fame and on what people think or say about me, or what I create.

I get my worth and value from others, but then i realize… there are no others.  I don’t have millions of subscribers, followers, likes, pins (mainly because I don’t have Pintrist), retweets or anything like that.  So when I put my worth and value in how others respond to me, I get crushed.

I am learning that my value comes from my creator.  When I start stepping back and looking at the big picture, I see that people are there for a season, and my life, my story, is so much more then a season.

A question I constantly process through is, “How do I intentionally cultivate community or help others without seeking fame.
Part of the answer is acknowledging that your worth does not come from others.  That with humility and gratitude, we can stay grounded for the times we get three likes and a retweet.  The other part of the answer is to always create and be generous with the abundance we are given as well as not  put my identity in dreams or fame because that can change in an instant.
Another thing I have noticed when I look at some of those successful giants that are before me is humility service, and generosity. These three values; humility, service, and generosity, are the cornerstone to a life well lived, and can bring about a recognition that we are not consumed by.

So, my question to those of you reading is this, “How do you guard against placing your value in others, and the pressure of getting worth from what you create?

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