I Love The Library

I’m not sure if you all remember this archaic place called the library, but it’s magical and free.  It has been a good 6 years since I had graced the doorstep of a library until recently.  I had completely forgot that these places even existed, but one day I was with a coworker when he had to pick up a specific book for his daughter and a light-switch flipped on.  As I looked around and saw thousands of books, I realized that my insatiable hunger for reading can now be quenched and all for free.
Now I know they may not have every book that I would want to read, but you can even put in requests for the library to purchase books for you.  They even have movies and books on CD and so much more.  They have story time and all sorts of events for the family.  They have computers that you play on and research different things, probably even blog.  It is a whole world of free fun.
How is it that I have forgotten about these beautiful buildings full of adventures and other worlds.  How is it that these buildings full of stories, hopes, history, and imagination have become so overlooked by thousands of people.  Friends, family, countryman… please do yourself a favor and go find a library.  Take back your library card and find books about facts and fun that you never dreamed were possible.
Librarys, a little slice of heaven.

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