Daily Needs Met

It seems that everything I am reading, listening to, and experiencing are pointing towards one key lesson: Rest in what I am given today.  Specifically, as I read the Bible I am seeing time and time again that the Isrealites are constantly being reminded of where they have come from, what there for-fathers have experienced, and that  there needs have always been met.
For me, as I think back through my life and how I have been able to have some fun adventures and great experiences, I realize my needs have been met.  I am reminded that my wife loves me more now then she did 5 years ago when we got married.  I am reminded that I have luckily always had a job, and now we are just starting to be able to put money away for savings and future purchases.
Now our life has not always been easy.  We have had moments of not knowing how we were going to pay for things or wondering if I was going to make enough money that month.  We have gone through seasons of not seeing each other that much as we both had jobs with conflicting schedules.  We have had some growing experiences in our relationship, but through everything, God has provided and we have had all we needed.
Life will never be easy and even making more money doesn’t take away all of lifes problems, but I can look back and see how I have never been forgotten and have always had what I needed for that day.

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