Don't Be An Idiot: Why You Should Always Work Hard Till The End

Building bridges of relationship that can bear the weight of truth.  This phrase needs to be ringing in our minds every time that we are talking to someone.  Not because we need to be buddy buddy with every person we come in contact with, but because of how it can help us with all of our interactions. 
Building bridges of relationship that can bear the weight of truth has been something of great importance even before I first heard this quote by Dr. Tim Elmore. I have lived by this phrase for decades and it has paid off greatly.  The best example I have of this actually paying off is with my previous job where I worked at a local Chick-fil-A.
I worked my tail off till the last second when I clocked out for the very last time.  I did this because I understood the importance of hard work and the message it sends. I also understood that not giving my full effort until the very end usually ended in a loss one way or the other.  Since I moved onto my next job I have been able to stay in touch with the operator of that store and he has been a constant mentor.  Not only that, but I have been able to help him out with a few things from employee reviews and even something else in relationship to some leadership training he wants to do for his leadership this Summer.  
Never ever give anything but your best, because even though you are moving onto another job, you have no idea when you will have to call upon that relationship with your previous employer.  It could be a letter of recommendation, needing extra hours to make some cash for a season, a mentorship, or a million and one other things.  Whatever the reason ends up being, make sure that you left in such a way where they actually want to help you.
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What are some ways that you have benefitted from building bridges of relationship that can bear the weight of truth?

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  1. Great points about a) giving your best until completion of a job or task and b) remembering that it’s the people that matter in those relationships. If you are tired of a job and ready to move on, or even if you liked the job and wanted to just move on for another reason, it’s important that you treat the people with respect and value their time. Because those people will have to pick up the slack of those who don’t give their best. And that’s no fun.

    1. Well said.
      Like you mentioned, the work doesn’t go away, it just shifts to others and makes them have to do more work and makes you look like an idiot.

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