What Costs More Means More: The Impact Of A Handwritten Note

What Costs More Means More: The Impact Of A Handwritten Note

Have you ever noticed that things that cost more are seemingly better?  The bottle of wine that cost $50 has a better aroma or is more full-bodied than the two buck chuck you get at the grocery store.  The made from scratch cookies are infinitely more scrumptious than that round little dough boy could ever bake. A handwritten note is more impactful and moving than a text or an email.

The reason why the bottle of wine, cookies, and handwritten note hold a much richer experience for us is because of the cost.  Things that cost more: more time, effort, and or  money,  are more valued.  

I know some people reading this will say that a well thought out email or text is just as meaningful in today’s culture as a handwritten note, but that’s not the truth.  Emails and texts may be similar, but they are not the same as writing a note to someone.  When you take the time to buy the note card,  put in the effort to write the same message, purchase a stamp and send it U.S.P.S., it shows.  It shows  that you put more time, effort, and money into your words and it creates a much richer and more meaningful experience.

In a world that craves and longs for second mile everything, you just may want to rethink your viewpoint on the “out-dated” handwritten note. 

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  1. Great Post Paul!

    As the marketing guy where I work I created branded thank you cards so that our sales managers would have a good tool to make that little difference.

    Its that little extra that make something ordinary extraordinary!

    1. Ben,

      That is such a good idea. I love stationary that is intentional. It may cost a little extra, but it shows that you care when you think through the small things and it all paints a picture that your clients are valued.

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