How To Be More Creative: Stop Editing And Just Write

I learned something from a wise sage, Jon Acuff, a little over a year ago and it has worked wonders for me as I have been trying to create content.  His big piece of advice, which I wish I would have learned in school and applied years ago, is to keep writing.  When you are first capturing your thoughts, don’t worry about the edits and what you could say differently.  When you are switching from jotting ideas down to editing, you are activating two different parts of your brain which ends up hurting the creative process.  Only after your initial draft is done should you start editing.  

Another lesson I have learned along this creative journey is that you need to let what you write just sit there on the screen.  Don’t always go from capturing your thoughts to editing.  The reason you should allow some space is because your unconscious mind is still processing through what you wrote and is making edits that you are not consciously aware of.  These edits and ideas will become apparent as you go back to your document and re-read it and start the editing process. 

This simple idea of just capturing my ideas and thoughts, no matter how good or bad, has been a true game changer.  It’s something that we all need to apply to our work whether we are writing an article, business proposal, potential contract or anything of importance.

(Example of this process: Started with the title 10/22. First draft 10/23.  First edit 10/29. Final edit 10/30)

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