The Year of ASK Part 2

The Year of ASK Part 2

I’m not sure about you, but if I had to choose between a toxic or healthy culture, I choose healthy everyday.  The real question is, if you find yourself in a place that breeds distrust, anxiety, and broken teams, how can you counteract that and fight against that toxic culture?  Today we are going to look at the second of three things that we need to do to start shaping and shifting the culture of where we find ourself.  If you missed the first post… just click here.

The second thing we can do in the year of ASK that will help to shape and shift the culture of where we are is that if you See Something, Say Something. It’s as simple as that. If you see something, say something.  The reason why this is so important is because what is seen is measured and what is measured is repeated.

If you want something to be repeated, or stopped, make sure you comment on it.  As people, we are conditioned to respond to positive and negative feedback.  We all long to be part of a community and it is this longing that makes us respond to the feedback that we get.  If we are complimented or encouraged with an action we have done, we repeat it because we want that same encouraging feedback.  If we are doing something wrong and called out on it, that feeling of angst or discomfort keeps us from doing that same action again.

This action of Seeing and Saying not only affects the one it is directed at, but also the others that are a part of the group.  People aren’t idiots and they pick up on what is expected, praised, and belittled.  They see what is working and they themselves start to repeat those actions because they long for the same feedback.

Whether you’re a leader or not, start implementing this simple idea and watch how the culture begins to change. 

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