Don’t Forget To Celebrate

Don’t Forget To Celebrate


Ceeeeeeeeeeeelebrate good times, COME ON!

If we want our businesses, teams and even our families to have a culture that doesn’t suck, we need to celebrate a little more often.  If we start to celebrate both the big and small victories more often, it starts to build unity and to create stronger bonds with those we work and do life with.

The other day my wife went to my sons parent teacher conference and she was blown away by what the teacher said. (Get ready for some proud parent bragging.)  Our son received glowing remarks in almost all his categories, was called advanced, and the teacher admitted that at times she runs out of activities to do because he whizzes right through them.  Plus, one of the teachers said, “He has my heart.”  I freakin love my son.

This parent teacher conference was on Wednesday, and so on Thursday when I picked him up from school, we went to a local artisan donut shop that is on our way home and picked out some donuts to celebrate. Now I am glad that we got some donuts to celebrate, but many times before and since we have devoured those delicious pastries from heaven we have made sure to tell our son how proud of him that we are and how awesome he is doing at school.  BUT, I have also been abundantly clear with him that as proud as Daddy is with him over this report, I am most proud of him because he is my son.  I want him to know without a shadow of a doubt that I love him and am proud regardless of his accomplishments.

If we want our businesses, teams, and families to have a culture that doesn’t suck, we need to celebrate the junk out of things.  Whether it is a big or small victory, we need to take the time to mention it to the person or persons who accomplished that task.  Forget the fact of whether you are in charge or not, take a moment out of your day, walk up to the person or persons, and say something.  Better yet, celebrate the junk out of that accomplishment because Lord knows we need more of that in our lives.

Who do you know that has done something big or small that you celebrate the junk out of something with?  Got that person in mind… now go ceeeeeeeeeeeeeeelebrate good times, COME ON!

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