Change is Needed

Change is Needed

A quote that I love is this, “What got you here, won’t get you there.” 

I recently went to a food show for the restaurant industry and got to talking to a handful of venders that offer different options and substitutes for products that contain allergens.  I was shocked that they only had so much of the marketplace when this food evolution is in such a huge swing. 

People are not just on these “diets” because they are the next fad, but because of the long term health benefits and because it could be life or death.  Even with such pressure and desire from their customers, restaurants are slow to change.  Some of the biggest reasons are space, which is money, and the fact they already have hundreds of items in their restaurant, and they can’t possibly carrier every little option. 

Space, and which option best meets their customers needs are two giant issues.  You can’t be everything to everyone so you will have to upset a few folks.  It’s not easy, but as a restaurant, or for any company in the service industry, you need to find out what your customer actually wants and desires and give it to them.  You need to constantly be talking to your customer and making the appropriate changes, not for changes sake, but because that is the only way your business will thrive. 

No matter what industry you are in, the only way you can make these tough choices is by knowing your companies brand.  Once you know that, you can make those tough choices that lead to better serving your customer.  There are a million options out there, but when you know your company and it’s number one customer, those choices become easy. 

Remember, “What got you here, won’t get you there.” 

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