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Daily Needs Met

It seems that everything I am reading, listening to, and experiencing are pointing towards one key lesson: Rest in what I am given today.  Specifically, as I read the Bible I am seeing time and time again that the Isrealites are constantly being reminded of where they have come from, what there for-fathers have experienced, and that  there needs have always been met.
For me, as I think back through my life and how I have been able to have some fun adventures and great experiences, I realize my needs have been met.  I am reminded that my wife loves me more now then she did 5 years ago when we got married.  I am reminded that I have luckily always had a job, and now we are just starting to be able to put money away for savings and future purchases.
Now our life has not always been easy.  We have had moments of not knowing how we were going to pay for things or wondering if I was going to make enough money that month.  We have gone through seasons of not seeing each other that much as we both had jobs with conflicting schedules.  We have had some growing experiences in our relationship, but through everything, God has provided and we have had all we needed.
Life will never be easy and even making more money doesn’t take away all of lifes problems, but I can look back and see how I have never been forgotten and have always had what I needed for that day.


Family Time

Recently my wife and I got together for a nice date.  We went to a local place called Stockyard which has some fantastic burgers and then after that we went to Starbucks to have what turned out to be some fantastic conversations.
Over the course of the hour we talked about finances, what we would like to do with our house over the next few years as we get ready to possibly sell, and we also talked about us.  I loved how the conversation kept on boiling down to the fact that we needed to be super intentional about family time.
I am looking forward to this next year and some of the things that we have planned.  I am thrilled to see how we grow closer together and to grow through the hard times of saying no to some of the things that are good, but not great as it relates to us being a family.
This is going to be a great year.


What can a penny buy?

For my birthday I wanted a new pair of sneakers because my old ones where dirty with grease, wear and tear from me trying to be healthy and working out, and they smelled like a wet dog.
I had some birthday money burning a whole in my pocket so my family and I went to the outlets to go look for some new kicks. We ended up purchasing some shoes at Foot Locker because it was buy one get one half off.  So after I found the pair of shoes that I wanted my wife looked for a pair for herself as well.  While she was looking, I took my son out of the store and started walking around because he had been ready to leave for about 15 minutes.
We ended up out a fountain outside and I helped put him on the edge of the fountain so he could put his feet in.  A few minutes passed and a little boy came to the fountain with his mother and she gave her son some change to throw in.  After the boy threw a few coins in the water, he looked over at my son and walked over and handed him a penny.  My 22 month old son takes the coin, signs thank you, and looks confused because he has absolutely no clue what to do.  I tell him to throw the coin in the water and he does with expert precision.
After a few more moments,the boy and his mom left, but his gesture stuck with me.  I thought about how something so small, like the gift of a penny, could have such a massive impact on a moment.  It’s amazing to think how giving up something, no matter how small, can help create and shape the moments we experience.
I know that I never want to forget that small actions can lead to big changes.  I never want to forget what type of impact giving a penny can have.


What If We Could Be Friends With Anyone?

What if we could be friends with anyone?
Seriuosly, what is really stopping us from being friends with our neighbors, coworkers, the guy on the side of the road, or the lady in the office who smiles way to much?
I ask this question because I had a recent experience where I took my son, who is 22 months old, to the park near our house.  He started running up the ramp and playing with the equipment, and after a few minutes he comes near a small boy about a year older than him and gets near him to watch and see what he was doing.  After awhile my son walks away but the boy runs after him, gives him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.
Some may say a little socially aggressive, but I saw something that would never happen with adults.  I saw two complete strangers from possibly completely different backgrounds, and one throws all those differences away and embraces the other as he is.
I honestly wish I had the courage to put aside the useless differences that I use as barriers between me and others.  I wish that instead of seeing a homeless man, annoying coworker, or completely crazy friend, that I would instead see someone who is my family and who probably just wants to share life with someone.  I hope that day by day I push myself closer to this vision of unabashed affection.


I Love The Library

I’m not sure if you all remember this archaic place called the library, but it’s magical and free.  It has been a good 6 years since I had graced the doorstep of a library until recently.  I had completely forgot that these places even existed, but one day I was with a coworker when he had to pick up a specific book for his daughter and a light-switch flipped on.  As I looked around and saw thousands of books, I realized that my insatiable hunger for reading can now be quenched and all for free.
Now I know they may not have every book that I would want to read, but you can even put in requests for the library to purchase books for you.  They even have movies and books on CD and so much more.  They have story time and all sorts of events for the family.  They have computers that you play on and research different things, probably even blog.  It is a whole world of free fun.
How is it that I have forgotten about these beautiful buildings full of adventures and other worlds.  How is it that these buildings full of stories, hopes, history, and imagination have become so overlooked by thousands of people.  Friends, family, countryman… please do yourself a favor and go find a library.  Take back your library card and find books about facts and fun that you never dreamed were possible.
Librarys, a little slice of heaven.

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