Patience: A Party 30 Years In The Making

Impatience doesn’t care about gender, race, or age and it reeks havoc on individuals, companies, and relationships.  My wife and I have had countless conversations and even arguments because one of us, usually me, is being impatient.  
It wasn’t until recently that we came to a realization about the word patience and how it relates to our lives.  A few months back we, along with so many others from Lindsay’s old neighborhood, were invited to a party to celebrate the marriage of the brother of one of Lindsay’s best friends from childhood.  As the day arrived, we packed up the family and went on the five minute drive to the neighborhood where my wife grew up. The home where the party was held was perfection.  It had gorgeous hardwood floors throughout and each room was perfectly furnished.  There was beer, wine, snacks, and desserts set up throughout the house and a local BBQ company had catered the event.  The backyard was beautifully landscaped and had a relaxing water feature and a stunning lake view to cap it all off.
As I mingled with the other guests, every single conversation would always turn towards fond memories from years gone by.  The memories would usually include how my mother-in-law taught their kids piano and stories about Lindsay and her parents.  This party, in every aspect, was perfection.
As we packed up the kids and started the five minute trek home, we talked about how beautiful the house was, how unbelievable it was to have refreshments all over, and how great the conversations were.  That was the type of party I wanted to throw.  I wanted to have the perfectly manicured landscape, food and refreshments flowing from all corners of the house, and conversations of moments long gone by.  As our tires hit our driveway, a different thought popped into my head.  That party, as perfect as it was, took over 30 years to execute.  It may have been a day of actual planning and follow through, but it took over 30 years for the whole thing to come together.
When the house was first purchased it wasn’t fully furnished with updated features throughout.  It took years to fully furnish, make updates and additions, to get the perfectly manicured landscape with that calming water feature. The conversations weren’t trivial because everyone had the base of 20 plus years of background.  About the only thing that didn’t take 30 years was the food and refreshments, but even having the ability to purchase them without blinking an eye takes years of putting money away so that you can have celebrations like these and not have to focus on the cost. 
In the weeks that have passed since attending this party, I have come to realize how I need to have the patience to see the small steps through.  When we look at the small steps taken over time, we get to see a big improvement. But in the midst of the shuffle, they don’t seem to matter at all. We all need to learn to deploy patience because it’s what helps give us perspective to see the impact we are making, and the legacy we are leaving.

Dad Life: Kids

Dad Life: Dad Bod

I am going to be in the 170’s by January 1st.  That’s right, I came out and said it first thing. Pretty daringly, if I might add.
This is one of my personal goals that I have for the year, and it is completely doable, or atlas I think it is.  At my current standings, all I have to do is lose a little less than 3 lbs per week and I am at the goal.  Now, I am not super unhealthy and not too obese, but I know that I would be healthier, save money (always a plus in my book), and live an all out better life if I was at a healthier weight.
This isn’t just a goal about weight, because those eventually end and the pounds come sliding right back on.  As fun as the rollercoaster ride of weight can be, I just want to get to a place of comfort and maintainability.
The goal for me is to give my wife and kids as many years of adventures as possible.  That to me is the real driving force.  I want to be healthy enough to travel the world and take them places no matter when those opportunities come.  I don’t want to have to say no, or not be able to complete a task because this dad bod has really slipped into a super unhealthy bod.
I love having my one ab of steel and I don’t plan on that changing. I know I am never going to be the perfect physical specimen that my cousin Jonathan is.  That boy is a ripped demi god. I mean wow, true champion and I hope I can one day be even one tenth of him.
Right now this is a slooooow moving process, but I know that by the time I am brining in the new year sleeping next to my smoking hot wife, (because thats how you bring in the new year with two young and adorably cute kids) I will be in the 170s.
This fatty fatty two by four will soon be fitting through the door.