Stories Change Everything

Stories change everything.  A story can be the sole difference between you getting a sale, a new connection, a new job or perhaps even the man or woman of your dreams.  Let me explain what I mean with a short story.
In October of this past year on of my brothers got married.  For the groomsman, he had picked out some suits.  Like the many times before, when I got the suit back from the tailor, multiple pockets were still sewn shut.  I grabbed a little pocket knife that I had and cut the thread so I could actually use the pockets.  I figured that there would be others who’s suits where in a similar disarray, so I brought the knife on the wedding day.  Low and behold I was correct.  The best man, a guy that has known our family for decades, ended up needing to use the knife.  When I finished up he handed it right back without a second glance at the knife.  As he handed the knife back my other brother who was also one of the groomsman spotted the knife.
His face lit up with joy because it was one of the knives that he had brought back after serving overseas near the Middle East.  As soon as the best man heard that this knife was a gift from my brother, everything about it changed. He asked to see it again and he held it with respect and awe as my brother, who gifted the knife, was able to tell a little about it and his time in the army
As I said, stories change everything.  They turn an ordinary knife into something worth taking a second glance at.  Stories are so important that before we go into any of those moments that could be life changing, we need to make sure that we are prepared. Prepared not just with general background information on the other person or company, but prepared with a story that clearly illustrates why using you, or what you offer, is a game changer.
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17 Days of Couch Potato Glory

You know what I love most about the Olympics, is that you can binge watch it and not feel like a couch potato because you are not just watching mindless T.V., but instead you are watching history being made.
For 17 days the world stands on edge and cheers for their home country.  It sometimes seems that the whole world stops, even just for a moment, as we get to watch some of the greatest sporting competitoins of mankind.  The truth is life still goes on, but for 17 days the world seems to stand still, come together, and find a bit of escape as all eyes are focused on the Olympics.
It is awesome to see athletes like Katie Ledecky and Simone Biles come onto center stage as Michael Phelps finishes an illustrious career with 28 medals, 23 of those being gold.  It’s a shame there are not more times in our lives where we can focus on the positive of what is going on instead of the negative.  The negative is so powerful though that stories like Ryan Lochte and his fellow swimmers can overshadow real and meaningful history that is being  made.
Seeing events like that encourage me even more to be mindful of my time with my kids and to build in them great principles and character, because they are the ones that will carry on Lindsay and my legacy.