Say No To Networking

Ok ok… this title is kinda click bate because I don’t actually mean you should say no to networking, but that you should say no to the networking events that don’t work for you.
When I started my first job search I felt that I had to go to all the events I could find and talk to as many people trying to show how amazing I was.  As I’ve experienced more and read some interesting books, I realize that that was probably the worst thing I could have done for myself in that season.  When I just went to events and chatted up everyone, I wasn’t comfortable or in my element. Yes, I love people, building relationships and sharing in stories, but I was not in a good place to do that. Every conversation I made it about me, and as wonderful as I think I am… that was a big turn off for others and pushed them away from helping me.
Again, it isn’t about saying no to networking, but just saying no to networking in a way that doesn’t work for you.  That doesn’t mean never getting out of your comfort zone, but it does mean figuring a way to be the most conferrable at those events. Bring a wingman / wingwoman and don’t fly solo.  No reason to take on the sucky world of networking by yourself.  Figure out the events that bring you life. That may mean you say no to the cocktail hour and say yes to a business book club, toastmasters, or local crew you get brunch with and gab about the latest industry trends.
Whatever puts you in the best state of mind and puts you most at ease is what you need to do.  When you are anxious and out of your comfort zone, people sense it and instead of remembering you for something good, they remember to stay away from you and end up never helping. Please, do us all a favor and get to know yourself so you can say no yourself to those opportunities that would do you more harm then good.

Simple LinkedIn Strategy on Commenting

People seems to be focusing on the wrong things… themselves. Now don’t get me wrong, I am as guilty as the next person.  I love thinking about myself and how I can get better, improve,  and grow my connections.

Life and these lovely social networks, like LinkedIn,  are all about relationships.  If you want to grow them, you need to plant lots of little seeds along the way.  How you do this is by engaging with others that are in your network.  Scroll through your feed, find an interesting picture or someone you respect, actually take in whatever their content is, and engage with it.  Don’t just give a quick like and scroll on, leave a thoughtful comment.  Leave them something that gives them kudos or poses a question. 

If you want to grow your community and your engagement, it’s all about commenting and interacting with others.  It’s about planting lots of little seeds and growing your brand, your community and your network one person at a time. 


Do We Live In  A World Of Abundance?

Ever since I finished the book “Love Does” by Bob Goff, my interactions with others have shifted.  Folks who I normally wouldn’t have bothered to have a conversation with, I have a conversation with.  People I would have walked on by, I take a moment to say hello and get to know them.  This intro isn’t to toot my own horn, but it’s to let you know how much of a jerk I was/am and how wrong I was in my thinking until this book came into my life.

Every person, no matter their title, position or circumstance, has a story that needs to be heard, and the gentleman I met off of our city’s square was no different.  His name is Alfonzo and from all appearances he was homeless.  As I saw him out of the corner of my eye, I gave a polite nod and was walking towards my car.  As I was about to open the door he says something at me and all I could think was “Damnit!” I then quickly reminded myself that he’s a person that has a story and it needs to be heard.

I walked over and sat down next to him, we started to have a conversation.  Within moments I could tell that his mind wasn’t all together as he kept on saying Brad Pitt and other various celebrities owed him money.  At other moments he referred to himself as God, but the stories he would tell didn’t match up with the God that I know.  

We finished up our conversation with me letting him know for the tenth time that I wasn’t related to Brad Pitt and was not responsible for his “debt,” I said goodbye and drove away.  Not more then ten seconds after I started driving away I knew I had to go back and give him something.  I begrudgingly turned around and parked right back in the same spot I had left.  By the time I got back to Alfonzo someone had brought him some breakfast, so I asked if I could get him something to drink.  He wanted some apple juice, so I walked into the restaurant on the corner and popped back outside moments later with three bottles.  

As I walked back over to Alfonzo I said, “Here is a bottle for now, one for later, but this third one… I need you to promise me something.  I need you to promise that you will give this third bottle away.  Alfonzo, I want you to know, understand and experience that we really do live in a world of abundance.  I want you to have the ability to help someone out today.” 

After everything was said and done, I realized that this encounter was as much for me as it was for Alfonzo.  The reason I say this is because even though I truly believe we live in a world of abundance, most of the time I rarely act like it.  

Now whether Alfonzo kept his promise or not doesn’t truly matter.  What matters is that I got to put action towards this belief of abundance and share a little bit in Alfonzo’s story.


What is your belief?  Do we live in a world of abundance, or is there only so much to go around?